A2/2 Era 3/4 Thompson Class DCC Sound Decoders on D&H


A2/2 Era 3/4 Thompson Decoder available.
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This project includes long variable length whistle plus short and fancy whistle.

All sounds are in fine 16-bit quality without artifacts or background noise.

Also the project offers the automatic sound of the blower once the throttle opens or manually activated by selecting Key 14

Furthermore, our projects offer features such as

- quick response to controller commands

- active brake

-semi automatic buffer clashing sound (off when stationary)

- automatic coasting in shunting mode ( adjustable)

- volume setting by F-key

-semi automatic wagons clashing sound effect (off when stationary)

All values are adjustable by CVs.

Not to mention the project contains

- curve squeal

- coach doors slamming

- brake valves

- water fill sound.

Besides, coal shoveling is always synchronized with Aux1, even as a random sound. Plus a whole spectrum of authentic sounds adding to your driving pleasure.

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A2/2 Era 3/4 Thompson Class DCC Sound Decoders on D&H

A2/2 Era 3/4 Thompson Class DCC Sound Decoders on D&H

Also, start this video to hear our A4 Gresley sound. Of course, this is almost the same as those to be found on the D&H decoders we supply.

We started our adventure in searching archives, old recordings and technical data for the A2/2 and for the A2/3 Thompson locomotives a few months ago and after a careful examination of the documents that we collected we felt comfortable and confident in developing the A2/2 and A2/3 Thompson DCC Sound Projects for each era.

Our sound editing began using most matching recordings  of closer classes in order to recreate realistic  chuffs sound .

After mixing and testing these sound we created different files regarding different technical data and two different levels of maintenance.

We also took excellent recordings of the LNER small bell-type post-war whistle.

Our technical data suggested that these classes were actually slightly different in their beats and accentuation of the chuffs, the whistles differ with different boiler pressure and with increasing age, and obviously the injector sound also depended very much by the poor maintenance in the sixties than the previous era, not to mention slight differences in other secondary sounds.

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SD05A-3 6 Wires + Spkr cables, SD10A-1 6-Pin + Spkr cables, SD10A-3 + Spkr Cables, SD16A-2 8-Pin + Spkr cables, SD18 Next18 Interface, SD21A 21-Pin, SD22A-2 8-pin + Spkr Cables