D & H Sound Decoders

We are pleased to announce we are an authorized distributor of D & H sound decoders. A quality German product. Please click the button below for the specifications.

D & H is a renowned and well-established German manufacturer of digital products for the model railway industry. Brawa models are equipped with these decoders.

D&H offer a two years no-worry-warranty with only postage costs charged for replacements.

Their very small and powerful SD18 Decoder (Next18 interface) is ideal for the N Gauge model trains and delivers superb electric power and a correct response of the controller. It is a 1amp decoder and also sufficient for most 00 gauge models.

The SD21-4 (21mtc interface) is a 2amp decoder with up to 8 amplified outputs and delivers a good drivability and is suitable for the 00 and for the 0 gauge models

All decoders we supply will have a 2.6 watts / 4 ohms class D sound amplifier and a 128 Mb memory for more than 10 minutes of sound. Decoder and soundfiles use modern 16-bit sound technology for a crystal clear sound. We can also supply the SD16A and SD22A either blank, wired or with 8-pin plug.