DCC Sound Decoder Q Class D&H


Q Class 2-Cylinder Maunsell Southern Region DCC Sound Trains Decoder.
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D&H DCC Sound Decoder Chips Deliver Good Projects & High Quality Sound at a Great Price

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Q Class DCC Sound Decoder

The project includes a whistle that you can play with variable length as you like. It also offers a short toot-toot and a fancy whistle.

In addition we matched all whistles in tone. So you might first play long or fancy whistle followed immediately by a toot toot. This is a very nice effect especially after fancy whistle.

All sounds are in fine 16-bit quality without artifacts or background noise. The whistles have a nice and subtle echo that slowly fades out.

Furthermore, our projects offer features such as
- quick response to controller commands
- active brake
- coasting mode
- volume setting by F-key
- wheelslip on throttle command.

Also you can activate a shunting mode. It offers different acceleration values and individual max speed. All values are adjustable by CVs.

Not to mention the project contains
- curve squeal
- coach doors slamming
- brake valves
- water fill sound.

Besides, coal shovelling is always synchronized with Aux1, even as a random sound. Plus a whole spectrum of authentic sounds adding to your driving pleasure.

DCC Sound Decoder Q Class D&H

DCC Sound Decoder Q Class D&H

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AS16A-2 8-Pin Decoder, SD 16A-2 8-Pin, SD 16A-2 8-Pin Decoder, SD Next18 Pin, SD Next18Pin, SD05 Nano 6Pin, SD05A-3 6 Wires + Spkr cables, SD10A-1, SD10A-1 6-Pin + Spkr cables, SD10A-3 + Spkr cables, SD16 A-2 8-Pin Decoder, SD16-A2 8-Pin Decoder, SD16A-2 8 Pin Decoder, SD16A-2 8-Pin, SD16A-2 8-PIN + sPKR CABLES, SD16A-2 8-Pin Decoder, SD16A-2 8-Pin Decoder + Spkr Cables, SD16A-2 8-Pin Decoder +Spkr Cables, SD21A-4, SD21A-4 21 Pin, SD22A-2 8-Pin + Spkr Cables, SD 10A-1 6Pin, SD 10A-3 6 Pin + Spkr Cables, SD16-2 8Pin, SD18A, SD21A