DCC Sound Chip GWR Manor Class D&H


GWR Manor Class DCC Sound Trains Decoder.
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DCC Sound Trains Decoder for the GWR Manor Class

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All sounds are in fine 16-bit quality without artifacts or background noise. The whistles have a nice and subtle echo that slowly fades out.


Furthermore, our projects offer features such as

- quick response to controller commands

- vacuum brake

- coasting mode

- volume setting by F-key

- brake short whistle

- F key manual Ejector  control.


Also you can activate a shunting mode. It offers different acceleration values and individual max speed. All values are adjustable by CVs.

Not to mention the project contains

- curve squeal

- coach doors slamming

- brake valves

- water fill sound.


Besides, coal shovelling is always synchronized with Aux1, even as a random sound. Plus a whole spectrum of authentic sounds adding to your driving pleasure.


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DCC Sound Chip GWR Manor Class D&H

DCC Sound Chip GWR Manor Class D&H

Ultimately Our DCC Sound Decoders' UK Steam Train Noises Add Realism

In conclusion, we work up the highest-fidelity best driving DCC sound decoders UK steam noises on the market. Furthermore, Our decoders are available with connectors to suit your loco.
Finally, Locoman Sounds believe diversity spices up life. Next check our diverse offering of model railway sound effects. Of course, it will fit with your pre-existing loco sound systems.

DCC Sound Trains Chips

To begin with we built a strong reputation for multichannel digital recordings. These are exclusive to our projects.

We have new projects in production all year round, will release them as our production pipeline moves forward.

The steam and diesel loco sounds we offer covers a great part of British Railway Heritage. We offer a range of DCC sound chips. Our recording equipment is state of the art. Now we are the official distributors for D&H products. In brief these are superb quality German dcc decoders. All in all they allow the modeller to enjoy the response from the controller with quality steam and diesel sounds at a great price. So we are developing projects on this platform. These decoders show off our unique hifi British train noises.

The range of products for dcc sound trains offer good reliability and good sound for the N gauge, 00 gauge and for the 0 gauge. Our SD18 decoder (Next18) dimensions 21.4mm by 9.0mm by 3.2mm. Both D&H 21pin and 22pin decoders deliver up to 2A motor current.

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SD Next18, SD05A-3 6 wires, SD05A-3 6 Wires + Spkr cables, SD10A-1 6-Pin, SD10A-1 6-Pin + Spkr cables, SD10A-3 + Spkr Cables, SD16A-2 8-Pin + Spkr cables, SD22A-2 8-pin + Spkr Cables, SD21A