Best DCC Sound Locos | ESU GWR King 4-6-0 DCC Sound Decoder


GWR King 4-6-0 8Pin or 21pin or O-Gauge Decoder available.
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Now DCC Loco Sound Decoders have 'All New' interactive features

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Video of our finalised project which shows all available functions:

DCC Sound Locos

Locoman has built a strong reputation for his multichannel digital recordings. These are exclusive to our projects. For DCC sound locos with realistic audio reproduction, we use ESU Loksound decoders. These truly do justice to our specially recorded British train noises reacting to the controller input.

We have new projects in production all year round and will release them as our production pipeline moves forward.

The variety of steam loco sounds we are offering covers an ever-increasing proportion of British Steam Heritage. We offer a range of DCC Sound locos. Our recording equipment is truly state of the art. Our clients regularly say they prefer our output to SW digital.

Enjoy the original and cutting-edge highlights of these DCC chips. They will take your experience of driving your model locos to another level of realism. We pride ourselves in the quality of our projects. The hyper-real sound reacts to the controller input. Enjoy the increased feeling of drivability. Samples of the quality sounds are available throughout our website.

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Micro 8 Pin Decoder, O- Gauge Loksound L5, Sound File Reblow, Standard 21 Pin Decoder, Standard 8 Pin Decoder, Next 18 with Spkr Wires