V2 Class DCC Sound Decoders on ESU


Gresley V2 Decoder available.
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This project includes long variable length whistle plus short and fancy whistle.

Whistles in F2, F3, F6 and F14 can be played in combination depending on controller.

All sounds are in fine 16-bit quality without artefacts or background noise.

Furthermore, our projects offer features such as

- quick response to controller commands

- automatic coasting in shunting mode

- active brake

-Whistle with echo

- volume setting by F-key

All values are adjustable by CVs.

Not to mention the project contains

- curve squeal

- coach doors slamming

- brake valves

- water fill sound.

Besides, coal shoveling is always synchronized with Aux1, even as a random sound. Plus a whole spectrum of authentic sounds adding to your driving pleasure.

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V2 Class DCC Sound Decoders on ESU

V2 Class DCC Sound Decoders on ESU

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Micro 8 Pin Decoder, O- Gauge Loksound L5, Sound File Reblow, Standard 21 Pin Decoder, Standard 8 Pin Decoder, Next 18 Decoder