ESU Decoders for Flying Scotsman Class A3


A3 Class Flying Scotsman 8Pin or 21pin or O-Gauge DCC Sound Decoder available.
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We believe that this project is the most advanced ever.

Many functions are linked to others, some are automatic or semi-automatic (can be switched off or overridden), most sounds can be changed in volume and their process can be influenced. The driving noise also varies in many ways depending on how you operate the controller.

With the playable whistle you can even play the "football theme" if your controller is fast enough. In addition, we also have other impressive whistle sounds on the decoder.
The whistle in our sound project reflects the original condition and is correct for LNER and BR services as well as for the condition of the whistle since mid-2019.
After BR service the condition of the whistle deteriorated. As can be heard in a film from 1968, it started with a shrill tone that was heard at the beginning of whistling and ended in 2015/2016 with only that tone being heard.
The whistle was completely overhauled in mid-2019 and now sounds like it did in the old days.

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ESU Decoders for Flying Scotsman Class A3

ESU Decoders for Flying Scotsman Class A3

Airpump not suitable for the chosen era? Turn it off by CV.

Slamming doors is not hard enough or too hard? Change it.

Half open fire box door? If you want, the sound can even simulate that and the synchronous flickering light will also be dimmed. Everything adjustable via CV, but you can also choose a "classic" version.

And - have you noticed that a locomotive with 12 cars behind behaves differently than when shunting? And that some sounds are different too?

If so, you will love this project.

We pay attention to details!.

Also here is more information on the LNER A3 4472 Flying Scotsman.

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Micro 8 Pin Decoder, O- Gauge Loksound L5, Sound File Reblow, Standard 21 Pin Decoder, Standard 8 Pin Decoder, Next 18 Decoder