ESU Decoders for W1 Rebuilt Model Train Sounds


W1 60700 8Pin or 21pin or O-Gauge Decoder available.
Please select a speaker of your choice from the Speaker menu bar.

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The Absolute Best ESU Decoders for the W1 60700

First of all, copyright is abided by in both our ESU decoders British Steam sound projects. Since we professionally record all sounds in each project at the highest fidelity with digital recorders with multiple microphones placed on the loco. Also, we give advice on speaker selection and placement. The most important factor is to please your particular pair of ears. However, this is because everyone has a different set.

Specially processed chuff sounds for high-speed drivability. So these chuffs sound real even at full throttle. Free playable whistle reacting to your fingertip control. Additional Sounds with outstanding high quality - no audible loop or annoying background noise. All random sounds have always the same volume as the F-key-sounds.

Shunting mode has been designed with a second sound set (lighter chuffs, decent loco brake squeal, cab door instead of coach door and introduce different whistles).

Also, using F4 at lower speed enables vacuum brake valve sounds.

Furthermore, we offer a wide variety of steam model railway sound effects projects. These continue to expand as we prototype, polish and make available more DCC chips with loco sound. At this point, the DCC chips are now with 'All New' interactive features.  Incidentally, this DCC Sound Decoders UK Project has random stationery sounds including Injector & Coal Shovelings.  items sent by Royal Mail Tracked Post.

In The End, Our  ESU Decoders and D&H Decoders Projects Add Hyperrealism

In conclusion, we work up the highest fidelity best driving D&H decoders with UK steam noises on the market. What's more our ESU decoders are available with connectors to suit your loco.
Finally, Locoman Sounds believe diversity spices up life. Next check our diverse offering of DCC sound trains. Of course, it will fit with your pre-existing loco sounds systems.
Also here is more information on the W1 Hush Hush.

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Micro 8 Pin Decoder, Micro 8 Pin Decoder, O- Gauge Loksound L5, Sound File Reblow, Standard 21 Pin Decoder, Standard 21 Pin Decoder, Standard 8 Pin Decoder, Standard 8 Pin Decoder, Next 18 with Spkr Wires